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Regulation of the piano action adjusts the overall touch and the consistency with
which each note responds to your playing.

A typical piano action consists of a few
thousands parts, manufactured primarily with wood and felt. There are three basic systems in the piano that need to be regulated:  the action, the trapwork (pedal lyre), and the damper system. 

Most of the components in a piano’s action and damper system are made of felt, leather, and wood. As the felt compresses over a period of time, the evenness of touch will change. Because this is a very gradual change, it is not always noticed until the parts are severely out of adjustment.

There are a few signs that piano owners can look for when considering whether to ask for regulating work:  1) Uneven keys  2)  Difficulty playing pianissimo passages  3)  Lack of power  4) Poor repetition  5) Chronic fatigue when playing.